HDM Textile

HDM Textile, which was founded by Mehmet Tekin and which is the pioneer in women’s clothing sector thanks to its modern and innovative style, has been making its own production and making sales to several counties of the world for more than 25 years. HDM Textile has managed to become one of the focus points of those, who wish to track current trends, thanks to its rapid and quality production infrastructure and numerous customer satisfaction experiences. HDM Textile, which analyses fashion accurately and which presents suitable fabric and colour blending to its customers with several options, is also one of the pioneering firms of the fashion sector.

In parallel with its objective of establishment, it has adopted as a principle to convey products of latest trend to women consumers thanks to its rapid production capacity and to be one of the most important doors’ of Turkey, which opens to the entire world. The company also proceeds on its way to become a trendsetter in terms of fashion thanks to its quality and elite production concept.

In terms of quality, we aim to reach to the summit of the service we provide by taking care of the price and quality indexes. We are attaching particular importance and value to customer satisfaction, which increases in parallel with our quality. Our main objective, which is to provide to our customers products and services that are above their expectations, leads the way for us. We reflect same level of importance and value to our corporate culture and we keep in-house satisfaction at a high level. We are acting with the sense to develop further our trademark everyday, which we built with respect and love, by joining forces with our teammates.

We believe both in our team and customers limitlessly and we trust in them to the full extent. Also, we are always aware of the fact that we owe our stable growth and brand to you our valuable customers.



  • To present quality production with the best price options and to ensure customer satisfaction,
  • To present a product and service infrastructure, which is in a quality that even carries further all of the expectations and thoughts of our customers,
  • Regarding our customers and employees, to excel even further in terms of mutual benefit and satisfaction, which already exist, within the framework of respect and love,
  • To ensure that a business environment of high motivation and love is established since we believe that the satisfaction of our customers depends on the happiness of our employees.


  • To present economic products that are based on the concept of perfect quality and service thanks to our products that add colour to life, that provide unmatched comfort to people and have a unique style,
  • To be listed among the top firms of the sector by carrying further our presence in the sector in the most healthily way and by adopting the concept of stable production.
HDM Textile